Company profile

Solar wind energy technology company headquaters is located in wuxi city of jiangsu province,with production base both in wuxi and changzhou wujin.The company covers an area of 60 acres,and building area is upto 39600M2.

We do have CNC sheet metal fabrication workshop,CNC machining workshop,CNC machine tool manufacturing workshop(producing high efficiency turning-milling and grinding composite CNC machine tool for wind turbine main shaft processing),special fastener of petroleum pipeline oil well pipe(tubing) processing workshop,heat treatment workshop,electrical equipment workshop,auto parts workshop,diesel generator assembly workshop,gearbox producing workshop,copper and aluminum extrusion workshop,precision plastic injection workshop,precision die casting workshop,surface treatment workshop,larger-scale structural parts manufacturing workshop.

We use laser cutting machine,CNC punching machine,water jet cutting machine,CNC shearing machine and other equipment for material cutting.Then CNC bending,hydraulic molding(biaxial stretch forming),punching forming,thermoforming,three-roller rolling forming,and spin forming.And we use kinds of welding technics for material welding,including TIG,MIG,MAG,ion welding,laser welding,resistance welding,etc.There are kinds of welding equipment,like LincoIn welder,Panasonic welder and OTC welder.

We are able to process copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, dual phase stainless steel  and other composite metallic material.Processing thickness from 0.5mm-100mm.

Our sheet metal fabrication is served wide industries,including electrical complete set of equipment,circuit breaker,wind power,hydropower,solar energy,high speed railway,medicine and medical,environmental water treatment,cnc machine,paper printing,food packaging,warehousing logistics,seawater desalination,oil drilling,air compressor,construction machinery and other industries.

We also provide CNC horizontal lathe processing,wind power generator main shaft processing,CNC vertical lathe processing,CNC gantry processing,CNC processing,deep hole drilling,deep hole boring,deep turning and milling,CNC external grinding,etc.More >>

New arrival

Stainless steel flange
gun drilling through hole
screw rod
oil sieve tube
deep hole drilling
rod thread processing
main shaft UT detection
main shaft forging
laser cutting & bending
30mm thick plate laser cutting